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Influencing Myopia-- Science and Clinical Practice (Review of Optometry 2019)

The onset and progression of myopia (blurred distance vision associated with refractive focusing of light in front of the retina instead of upon it) has various influencing factors. The present article has been published by the Jobson group's journal titled Review of Optometry and is available online. Co-author: Dr. Stuart P. Richer

How to help prevent cataract (Review of Optometry 2010)

Cataract surgery and related doctor visits comprise $3.2 billion of the Medicare budget—its largest portion. However, delaying cataract surgery by 10 years can save billions of dollars. The present article reviews the role of environment, antioxidants, carotenoids, nutrition, enzymes, diet, medications, metabolism and other factors in development of cataract. Co-author: Dr. Benjamin C. Lane