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Consult Dr. Aggarwala

Research and Educational Consultation for Chronic Ocular and Visual Function Conditions and Metabolic Conditions

Dr. Aggarwala is available for a "Research and Educational Consultation" for the following scientific domains--


1) Research on metabolic and age-related cataract and the role of nutrition and various over the counter supplements for delay of progression.


2) Research on ambient overhead and display lighting conditions, and nutritional variables on progression of myopia (near-sightedness) in school-age children and young adults.


3) Research on the role of retinal metabolism and nutritional biochemistry on the development and progression of the following conditions:


a) Macular Degeneration

b) Diabetic Retinopathy

c) Chronic Open-Angle Glaucoma

d) Non-Hereditary (Acquired) Optic Nerve Disorders

e) Visual Function in Learning Disorders (e.g. Dyslexia, Autism, Amblyopia or "Lazy Eye")


4) Research on Chronic Conditions associated with Metabolism including the following:


a) Attention Deficit or Partial Loss of Memory or Coordination

b) Nutritional Precursors to Neuro-transmitters

c) Chronic Acquired Inflammatory Conditions



5) Curriculum Recommendations for Educational Institutions


6) Feedback on Drafts of Manuscripts prior to submission for publication


7) Assistance with Grant Applications and Proposals for funding


8) Strategic Planning for Product Launch or Hypothesis Testing


Fee Structure


November 9, 2019 Onward


1) Initial introduction by phone (5 minutes) is offered at no charge. 


2) Response to the first question by email is offered at no charge.


3) A visit with Dr. Aggarwala in Manhattan can be scheduled by email, voice, or text as follows: 









Voice: 212 717 1015 (Land); 347 949 0411 (Cell)


Text: 347 949 0411


4) Research based educational consulting fees are discounted by 50% for individuals with annual income below US $35,000.


5) Standard research based educational consulting fees for annual income above $35,000 are $90 for a 30 minute visit.


6) Extensive email based or phone based educational consults can be quoted and negotiated.


7) Communications with client's physician or other consultant can be arranged and a quote is provided in advance.


8) Conference facility for up to eleven (11) individuals (e.g. pediatricians, endocrinologists, functional medicine practitioners, eye doctors, nurse practitioners, family physicians) can be arranged for a 45 to 60 minute duration at the following location, which is also a mailing address (See Events Page for December 2019):


Dr. Karan R. Aggarwala

c/o The Yard (Near Columbus Circle)

33 West 60th Street

2nd Floor

New York, NY 10023 





Any information, comments, or recommendations provided by Dr. Aggarwala are "Educational" in nature, and are based on well founded protocols and publications and their evidence based or logically derived interpretations. The client is required to consult a licensed physician or other expert to diagnose and manage any disease condition that relates to the ocular or metabolic condition for which they consulted Dr. Aggarwala. No claim of liability or libel will be entertained by Dr. Karan R. Aggarwala for any real or claimed losses incurred by the client or their physician, surgeon or other expert, consultant, institution or affiliate.